The hardware of the past life

The hardware of the past life.Hardware, as its name implies, is five metals. The word "hardware" first appeared in the text of wu yue spring and autumn annals, when the word appeared to represent the metal. It's just that hardware is widely used and integrated into everyone's life.

Now in the Chinese dictionary explanation, there are two kinds of the basic meaning of hardware, is a kind of traditional metal products, also known as hardware, refers to: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, the five metals, after processing, can become or can use and sale of metal components. The other is modern hardware, which covers almost all the life supplies and non-living things that are related to metals.

Hardware industry after decades of five tell development, hardware in the development of national economy, people normal life, even in some science and technology play an immeasurable and irreplaceable role, hardware products has become a indispensable link of an industry in the industrial manufacturing. Hardware is integrated into every modern life, providing a more scientific, efficient, convenient and fast life for everyone. The hardware industry also appears in the "hundred schools of contention" a full picture, good hardware also plays the environment, provides the best hotbeds and conditions for the optimization of hardware. With the ever-increasing upgrading of hardware, it is like the lubricant of the world running, which has indelible contribution and dedication to the rapid development and operation of the world.

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