Dongguan stendard hardware limited welcome you!

Welcome to dongguan stendade hardware co. LTD. Our company was formally established in January 2004 and has been around for 13 years. In addition, the research and development of the strength and experience for 20 years. Our address is located in wanjiang district, dongguan city, which is a professional manufacturer of high precision hardware parts. The materials used in hardware products are wide and wide, which can be used in almost all kinds of metals which can be used in the market. Products are also widely used in lightning protection, communication, security, home appliances, solar energy and other electronic equipment!

After many years of development, the company has many high and new equipment and professional talents. We have good skills in precision cold extrusion, precision shrapnel and precision stretching. There are 11 high speed punch presses, western cutting machine, oil cutting machine, optical grinding machine, secondary inspection instrument, etc. The company passed the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, and all products are certified by ROSH.

The company's research and development team has also done well in industrial technology patents. In 2011, the application obtained the patented process of high speed cold extrusion for ceramic gas discharge tube electrode. Is an electrode manufacturing industry a major breakthrough in the cold extrusion (high speed), the in the field and the industry to promote the efficiency of production as well as a decline in the cost of manufacturing has played a very positive and effective role! The most important thing is that the precision of the mould can be ensured within 0.001 mm. In addition, the company has also made many industry-related scientific and technological development and research. For example: purification process of material surface treatment, vacuum heat treatment of beryllium copper, application of copper and aluminum composite materials, etc.

Over the years, the company has been "integrity", "diligence", "rigorous" "fairness", for the development purposes, "people-oriented" "sincere people" for service annotation! We sincerely provide the customers with suitable, high quality and high quality products and quality, and become long-term partners to join hands and develop together to achieve a better tomorrow!

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