Mini cold extrusion is the time to perform real technology!

Mini cold extrusion

micro - cold extrusion is the time to perform real technology! The variety of processing technology, the scope is large, the application is wide, is just ordinary people can not imagine. So nowadays, the most widely used, but very few factories can master, and the effective processing technology, not miniature cold extrusion mo!

The so-called micro-cold extrusion process, in fact, is the process of applying pressure on the blank to make the metal billet produce the working methods of the parts. This technique sounds simple, but it is very rare.

But, to really understand this process, we have to start with a miniature. What is tiny is tiny and tiny. Then to process small and tiny hardware objects, it is more dependent on technology and equipment. As we all know, the more small metal objects, for the higher precision objects, on the other hand, the precision is not enough, it would be easy to appear with the electronic equipment malfunction accident, easily met so that the consequences of the product, not only damaged their others is also influenced by the company's reputation, the company's reputation and credibility!

So, how to be a high quality micro - cold extrusion technology? First, in the production, must fast and stable, continuous and stable. Fine hardware is small, production if the country is slow, it is easy to cause the product to be sold, also easy customer causes the effect of production. The second is the low rate, high quality micro-cold extrusion technology in the production of fine hardware, the defective rate must be less than 50 parts per million to be qualified technology.

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